15 Breakfast Foods That Start With T

Breakfast Foods That Start With T

There are many breakfast foods out there, including breakfast foods that begin with the letter ‘T’

From tangy to sweet, the following breakfast dishes are sure to fill you up and keep you going throughout the day.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the world of breakfast foods that start with the letter ‘T’

1. Tarts

The food that tops our list of “foods that start with “T” is Tarts or Tarte des Demoiselles Tatin. 

The legend is that two unmarried French girls invented tarts in their hotel.

Traditionally, these small pastries with no top crust were served warm with cream on the sides. However, there is a multitude of variations available now.

Apart from sweet fillings such as frutta (fruit) or crema cattello (cream), tarts may have savory items such as corn, chives, tomatoes, etc.

2. Toast

The second breakfast food that begins with the letter ‘T’ is practically the most widely eaten one – Toast. 

Wikipedia defines it as “bread that has been browned by radiant heat”. This process makes it edible and delectable.

However, the practice isn’t new and dates 30,000 years back. Toast was not only a staple in many civilizations but was also used as religious offerings. 

There are many types of toasts available today. However, one interesting fact: French toast is not French, but a “plain perdu”.

3. Toaster Strudels

Marketed under the Pillsbury brand, this popular breakfast food is only 35 years old.

Toaster Strudels is a bread-like dessert that has been on store shelves since 1985 after being invented by Gretchen Wieners’ father.

The first few flavors of toaster strudels included blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, cinnamon, and later cherry and apple were also added. 

The best way to enjoy it: heat it in the oven, spread the icing that comes along, and relish it. 

4. Turkey Bacon

Turkey bacon is meat that’s prepared from chopped, formed, and cured turkey.

Turkey bacon was a response to the growing obesity epidemic in America in the early 1990s. It promised an experience like regular pork but without high calories and fat grams. Turkey bacon has lower fat content than its regular pork counterpart. 

You can eat turkey bacon without cooking or you can cook it if you find the ‘eat it raw’ idea gross. 

5. Tangerine

If a heavy breakfast is not your thing, consider eating fruits such as tangerine. 

However, the best time to enjoy a tangerine is in the morning.

Not only do they taste sweet, but their nutritional properties will keep you feeling good all day long.

But beware, some of them may be tart. 

6. Tangelo

Tangelo is another citrus fruit to fill your breakfast belly. The fruit is a cross between a tangerine (Mandarin orange) and grapefruit or pomelo. 

Tangelos can be eaten raw, peeled to remove the skin for juicing, or segmented like an orange. Snacking aside, if you decide to cook it, remove the seeds. You can even make a fruit salad or add it to your French toast, it will taste great.

They’re named after Tangier, Morocco, where they were first shipped to Europe from.

7. Taylor Ham

Taylor Ham (as called in North Jersey) or Pork Roll is sweet and salty pig meat mixed with many spices. 

In 1856, John Taylor from Hamilton Square NJ created his first “Taylor’s Prepared Ham” which is said to be named after him. When Taylor’s creation didn’t meet the new definition of “ham” set forth by the Pure Food and Drug Act, he had no choice but to omit the name.

Interestingly, New Jersey holds a Pork Roll Festival and is the only state to do so.

8. Tea

Most of the population, if not all, love to start their day with tea. Bed tea aside, Asian people love to accompany their breakfast with at least a cup of brown tea.

Whether waffles, eggs, toast, granola bars, or rice bars – the best thing about tea is that it can be combined with practically anything, and it will do as fine.

With roots in China, it was originally a medicinal beverage but turned into a daily drink around the 3rd century.

Did you know there are over 3000 types of tea available worldwide today? That’s true.

9. Tomatoes

Derived from the Aztec word “Tomatl”, you can eat this fruit (not a culinary vegetable as thought by many) as a whole or add it to your sandwich, toast, or high-protein salad. 

Tomatoes are from South America and grew as a wild species in Chile, Ecuador, Peru, and Boliviauntil discovered. Some species can still be found growing in these parts. It is thought that they were domesticated in pre-Columbian Mexico. 

One bonus of eating tomatoes: they fulfill 40% of your daily Vitamin C requirements. 

10. Tater Tots

Eaten in almost every household in America, Tater tots are prepared from grated potatoes, coated with flour and seasoning, and then deep-fried. 

This fried breakfast food has its origin in Oregon.

When the owners of Ore-Ida, F Nephi Grigg, and Golden Gregory were looking for a way to dispose of leftover slivers from cut-up potatoes, their quest led them to the discovery of tater tots. 

Americans gulp more than 70 million tater tots every year.

11. Tamago kake gohan

When translated into English, it means “rice topped with egg”. It involves cracking an entire raw egg over a mound of steamed rice and is served as the day’s first meal.

Termed the world’s simplest breakfast food, this one is a Japanese invention. Sometimes the eggs are beaten, and sometimes not. Even the soy sauce added for flavor can be picked as per your preference; the choices are unlimited.

Ginko Kishida, a Japanese pioneer in many things, is said to have created it around 1833.

12. Touton

Touton is a delicious dish from Newfoundland. 

It’s typically served at breakfast, either with fruit jam or molasses, and can also be had as an appetizer before dinner time.

The outer shells of the bread are crisp and the insides soft. They have a wonderful texture that makes them very appealing to eat.

The Newfoundland equivalent of the French croissant is an invention made from leftover bread dough. 

13. Tiramisu

Tiramisu is coffee-dipped ladyfingers coated with a whipped mixture of sugar and eggs filled with mascarpone cheese, which melts in your mouth as you bite into them.

Restaurateur Ado Campeol claims that his wife Alba and pastry chef Roberto Linguanatto invented this dessert at ‘Le Beccherie’. It was later added to their menu in 1972. 

March 21 is celebrated as Tiramisu Day.

14. Tahini

The delicious and intriguing tahini is a sauce made from toasted ground sesame seeds. 

People from the Levant and Eastern Mediterranean region and parts of North Africa, love eating this Arabic-origin cuisine. consume it as a dip or add it to your toast; there is no shortage of options with this one.

It is used as a component in many dishes, like babaganoush or halva.

Tahini compounds are good for brain health and prevent some neurodegenerative diseases. 

15. Tuna

Not usually eaten at breakfast, but compare it with others, and nothing comes close. 

The saltwater fish is full of omega-3 acids and high protein content, making it perfect for weight loss endeavors.

The fish is found all across the world’s oceans. However, it is big and expensive, so you may use Canned Tuna, the simplest way to prepare it. 

The tuna species is an endangered species.  

Breakfast Foods That Start With T

Here is a list of breakfast foods that begin with the letter T
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  • Tarts
  • Toast
  • Toaster Strudels
  • Turkey Bacon
  • Tangerine
  • Tangelo
  • Taylor Ham
  • Tea
  • Tomatoes
  • Tater Tots
  • Tamago kake gohan
  • Touton
  • Tiramisu
  • Tahini
  • Tuna
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