Best Fishing and Outdoor Face Masks for 2022 Review

This buying guide will showcase our reviews of the best face masks for 2021.

One of the huge benefits of carrying a face mask when fishing or travel outdoors is that you are prepared for more situations mother nature throws at you.

Since the goal is to stay out there as long as possible to catch more fish or enjoy views you’re chasing. With that in mind, a face mask is critical to have for the following reasons:

  1. Shielding your neck and face from the sun a.k.a. dreaded sun burn
  2. Covering your face when dust, grass, or bugs start flying in the air
  3. Keeping your face warm when the temperature drops
  4. Can be worn in public areas and complies with Covid-19 regulations

These are the 4 biggest benefits I have noticed since I started bringing a face mask with me when going outdoors and fishing.

You can get a seamless face mask, bandana, neck gaiter or really anything that covers your neck and face to get the same benefits.

Essentially, these are a light weight piece of fabric that is worth adding to your collection when venturing into mother nature.

Now let’s get into the Top 5 Best Fishing and Outdoors Face Mask for 2021.

Best Fishing and Outdoor Masks for 2021 Review

5. SA Fishing – Face Shields

SA Fishing Face Shield

This was the first mask or “face shield” that I purchased and used. These are great for starting off and this company offers cool designs.

I noticed that the fabric was really thin which was great on hot days but not so great when the temperature drops.

When wearing this mask you will notice that it does not really filter anything out from the air. If there’s a nasty smell in the air then it will still get through which defeats the purpose of even wearing a mask.

These are not that great or recommended due to the cheap quality and thin fabric but are ok if you want to just get a cheap one in your outdoor bag.

I would recommend these if you tend to lose bandanas or other small items since they do come in four and five packs which means you have plenty of backups.

4. B BINMEFVN Bandana Face Cover

Bandana Face Cover

Another great starter face cover when shielding your face from the elements. These bandana face covers are made of a higher quality fabric than SA Fishing and these feel silky which is nice.

However, the same issues persists of not filtering nasty smells out which means they’re really not doing much to filter the air.

The brand name is really strange on Amazon so these are likely coming directly from China which is not necessarily a bad thing but something to be aware of.

The plus side is that these do have stitched edges so they will last a long time given the material and sew quality.

I would recommend these if you’re looking for a cheap option to get a face mask.

3. UHEREBUY Winter Thermal Neck Warmer

Winter Thermal Neck Warmer Face Cover Face Scarf

This is the first winter thermal I tried and it works fantastic at keeping your neck and face warm. Just holding this thing compared to the others you can tell how much heavier it is.

So if you’re traveling to a cold outdoor area then this is a great neck warmer to have.

The downside is that this also does not seem to filter any nasty smells meaning it is likely not filtering your air at all.

This is a great starter option for getting a cold weather neck warmer, not to mention it comes in a two pack so you and your loved one can stay warm together.

2. EXIO Winter Neck Warmer Gaiter

Exio Winter Neck Warmer Gaiter Balaclava

This is the best winter thermal neck warmer I have come across to date. On Amazon this has over 1,730 reviews with 4.5 stars which is a testament to how great these are.

A common complaint with most thermal neck warmers and face covers is that they get really stuffy. You end up breathing the same air which makes most unpleasant to wear for more than a few minutes.

The front of the EXIO Winter Neck Warmer Gaiter has air holes through a mesh which means its easier to breathe through while keeping the rest of your neck and face warm.

I highly recommend getting this one if you are heading into the snow or other cold outdoor area.

1. Velu Face Mask Bandanas with microFLEX Filtering Technology

This is the best face mask I have found on the market to date. I would recommend getting one of these if you want a face mask that filters the air and is still breathable.

Here are the main reasons why this is the best one on the list and I even made a list because this one stands out so much:

  1. Filters the air with their microFLEX fabric
  2. Glasses will not fog
  3. Machine washable so easily cleaned after a fishing trip

The first reason is the most important. This company includes an air filtration lab report that shows their fabric is MERV 10 vs the rest are MERV 6, which means that their fabric filters out more contaminants in the air.

I tested this over the weekend by picking up my dog’s feces and I did not smell it at all which makes this my new go to mask when doing this weekend chore.

This little experiment proved to me that it does filter the air since I wore the others on this list and they did not filter the smelly air at all.

Here’s the graphic they include online:

The second reason surprised me since they claim to be more breathable which is obvious when you put it on after wearing another face mask.

I happened to be wearing sunglasses and I noticed they didn’t fog up. When wearing the other face masks, I would have to periodically wipe my sunglasses so this is another huge win in my book.

The third reason is great since these are machine washable.

When I fish my hands get dirty from the bait, fish, and any other things I end up touching while out there.

I also adjust and move this mask around so it tends to get a bit fishy after a trip.

I just threw this in with the rest of my laundry and hang dried like the tag said and this thing is as good as new.

For all those reasons I recommend getting this one for warm weather outdoor and fishing trips.

It’s the best on this list by far and easily holds the number one spot. A bonus is that I also wear my Velu Face Mask to the grocery store during this coronavirus pandemic since stores are now requiring that everyone wear one to enter.

This face mask has become a daily use item in my household.

Why Do you Need A Fishing or Outdoors Mask?

Protect From Sunburns and Skin Cancer. When you wear these bandana and masks over your neck and face, you are protecting yourself directly from the sun.

Typically these areas are exposed to the sun without any protection unless you’re wearing sun screen. Even then sun screen wears off over time and needs to be reapplied especially when you sweat.

The easiest solution is to just wear a versatile piece of fabric over the neck and face.

Protect From Winter Rash. Anyone who has lived in a cold climate long enough has experienced winter rash which is an area of red, itchy skin caused by cold dry weather.

You can prevent winter rash by wearing a mask or bandana over your face. This will protect your face and neck skin from getting hit by the harsh cold wind directly.

Help You Stay Outdoors Longer. Doing activities directly in the sun will cause you to tire out more quickly than if you were to do the same things underneath the shade.

If you must be in the sun then wearing more protective clothing will help you stay out there longer.

Breathe Cleaner Air. Being able to breathe cleaner air will help you stay out longer. Wearing an N95 face mask might be overkill for most outdoor situations but wearing a breathable option is a reasonable solution.

Not to mention if you fish, hunt, or hike in an area that has strange smells, you can wear your face mask and continue on.

I frequently wear my face mask when pollen and bugs come out since these things can end my trip early.

Multiple Ways to Wear and Use. These masks can be worn multiple ways for a variety of purposes.

You can wear them over your neck to protect your skin and over your face to breathe cleaner air and protect your face.

Below is a graphic from SA Fishing that shows how versatile these face masks are:

Bandana and Face Mask Ways to Wear

What Mask Styles Work Best?

Face Mask: The face mask is the most commonly use style that I use when wearing these bandana and face masks.

This method will cover your ear, neck, and face from the elements. Great for protection against sun and cold wind which can cause sun burns and winter rash respectively.

You can also wear a cap to fully protect your head from the sun.

By simply sliding the face mask down you can turn this into a neck gaiter.

Neck Gaiter: This is the second most used style that I personally use when wearing these bandanas and face masks.

This method will protect your neck from the sun. During the winter or colder months, this will keep your neck warm.

I prefer this style since it is very easy to slide the neck gaiter over your face which turns it into a face mask.

Balaclava: I have seen many outdoorsmen wear this style since it offers the full benefits of the Eskimo style but with the added protection of the face mask.

This is the best style to wear when you want to be as insulated as possible from the elements whether from the sun or cold wind.

Hat Liner / Beanie: A hat liner is an effective way to protect from heat loss in the winter as well as absorb sweat and prevent it from dripping into your eyes.

Due to the moisture wicking material that most of these face masks are made of, they can also help keep your head cooler.

Wristband: The wristband is another common style to wear when outdoors. This will help you keep your hands dry from sweat that can run down your arm.

A wristband will also help when you want to periodically swipe your forecast or face of sweat before it runs into your eyes.

This is a simple style that is very useful in many situations.

Ponytail: This style is great for anyone with long hair that lost or forgot their hair ties.

I have not personally used this style myself given my short hair but this is another example of just how versatile these face masks are.

I compare these face masks to a swiss knife since there are so many uses for these things that they will always come in handy.

How To Care For Your Fishing Mask

Washing Machine: The face masks on this list can be machine washed when they are heavily soiled.

Simply machine wash on gentle with cold water in order to clean them.

I have personally thrown these face masks with my other clothes on regular with cold water and detergent.

They come out looking like new and smelling fresh so they are very low maintenance.

Handwashing:Most of the care tags recommend hand washing these face masks.

Simply use warm water with detergent to hand wash these face masks but this should only be done in between regular cycles if you have a washing machine.

You may also soak the face masks if they are heavily soiled before washing.

Hang Dry:Most of these face masks are made out of some polyester type material.

This material can melt when exposed to high heat so always hang dry your face masks after you have washed them.

Not to mention most of these masks are quick drying and moisture wicking so they tend to dry fairly quickly after a wash.

Have Backups: These tend to get lost or dirty quite often so it’s a good idea to have extras on hand.

Not to mention you will start to notice that your friends and family will not have one but won’t mind using yours.

So it’s best to get a few multiple ones that you can share with your loves ones.


Q: Why do fishermen, hikers, and outdoors men wear masks?

A: Outdoor enthusiasts wear face masks to protect themselves from exposure to the sun, wind, and cold. Face masks are essential to filtering the air for pollen and other allergens. The masks can also absorb sweat when worn on the head or wrist to keep the face and hands dry.

Q: What face mask should I buy?

A: It depends on what you want to do and how exposed you will be to contaminants in the air. For someone working in a hospital the N95 rated masks are necessary. If you are venturing into the great outdoors then the Velu Bandana with microFLEX filtering technology are a more breathable option. There is a tradeoff between how breathable the mask is versus how effective the filtration is. In my opinion the Velu bandana is the best happy medium between filtration and breathability.

Q: Are face mask filters washable?

A: All the face masks on this list do not have removable filters. You need to check with the manufacturers instructions if the filters can be washed or need to be replaced. All the face masks on this list can be washed and reused as long as the fabric does not deteriorate.


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