15 Breakfast Foods That Start With F

Breakfast Foods That Start with Letter F

Cooking breakfast is tricky when you can’t think of something new and exciting every day.

To help you, we have prepared a list of breakfast foods that start with the letter ‘F’.

From fresh fruit to whole-grain toast, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy!

1. French Toast

The first breakfast food that starts with the letter ‘F’ is French Toast.

Also known as “Bombay toast”, “eggy bread”, “gypsy toast”, and “poor knights”, the French toast features bread soaked in beaten eggs and milk before being pan-fried until golden brown and crisp around its edges.

The dish was first mentioned in print during the 5th century AD and existed as early as Roman times.

Whether you top your French Toast off with just syrup or include fresh fruit, French Toast is a great way to start the day.

2. Fried Bread

The second food on our list of breakfast foods starting with the letter ‘F’ is Fried Bread.

The baguettes or fried bread that France is known for comes from Vienna and was steamed by August Zang in the early 19th century.

These long, thin slices of bread have a distinctive crisp crust and are only made with lean dough.

Interesting fact: French bread is usually 2 feet in length.

3. Fried Cheese

The next delicious breakfast food that starts with the letter F is fried cheese.

Fried cheese is a popular breakfast dish in Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Greece, and Lebanon. Some like it deep-fried, while others prefer pan-frying after dropping it in some batter. 

A myth goes that a recipe for fried cheese sticks appeared in Le Ménagier de Paris back during medieval times. That’s all we know about the history of this mouth-watering delicacy.

4. Fried Chicken

Now let’s talk about another breakfast food that begins with the letter F, ‘Fried chicken.’

The history of fried chicken is long and complicated.

It starts in China, where they have been eating it since at least the Neolithic era (10 000 – 3 500 years ago).

The delicious, juicy, and crispy fried chicken is a dish consisting of pieces coated with seasoned flour or batter. The exterior is given an added crunch from the breading, keeping all your favorite flavors inside.

When it comes to breakfast, you’ll usually find fried chicken with waffles.

5. Fried Eggs

The “fried egg” dish is an easy-to-prepare breakfast typically cooked by removing eggs from their shells and then frying them in a pan. 

The history of fried eggs is an interesting one. They were first popularized in ancient Egypt, where they were served with honey and spices by the Romans centuries ago.

There’s tons of ways to enjoy your fried eggs from sunny side up to well done.

6. Frittata

Another breakfast food that starts with the letter F is Frittata.

An Italian dish almost like an omelet or crustless quiche, the frittata is prepared by mixing beaten eggs with additional ingredients such as meats and cheeses.

You can also mix in other ingredients such as potatoes, spinach, and really anything else that goes well on top of pizza.

Frittata comes from the Italian word that means “fried”; it refers to any dish made with eggs cooked in a skillet.

7. Flapjacks (Pancakes)

The next breakfast food that starts with the letter F is Flapjacks.

Flapjacks are a nickname for pancakes.

Whether you stack your flapjacks high or make one big smiley-faced flapjack, there’s an endless number of ways to enjoy uout pancakes.

8. Focaccia

Next on our list is Focaccia.

The delicious and versatile focaccia is a flat-leavened Italian bread that can be served hot as an appetizer and topped with your favorite ingredients for sandwiches. It has a similar style and texture to the pizza. 

Focaccia is a staple in Italy, where it is traditionally baked on hot stones. The name focaccia comes from Roman times and means “hearth bread” because of how they were cooked.

9. Fatoot Samneh

The Yemenite Jewish community has a long history of using and preserving food that would otherwise go to waste. 

In Fatoot Samneh, (or fried dough), Yemenites combine pieces of stale pita bread that have been pan-roasted with clarified butter before mixing with an egg for added richness. 

Some other types of flatbread, such as laffa, saluf, or malawach can be utilized to make fatoot samneh. 

10. Frappe

When in no mood to have solid food, drinking something like Frappe will work for you. 

The original Nescafe drink was created in 1957 by Dimitris Vakondios and is now known by several other names such as Greek frappé, frappé coffee, and Nescafé frappé. 

The Greek version of this iced beverage includes milk and sugar mixed in with instant coffee to create a fantastic cup of Frappe.

11. Fruit Pudding

For fruit lovers, fruit pudding is the perfect breakfast food.

Fruit Pudding is a Scottish dish that’s been around for centuries. The original recipe had wheat or oatmeal flour, beef suet (or fat), brown sugar, cinnamon, raisins, and salt mixed to make this delicious treat. 

Interestingly, medieval England is known for the origin of many traditional dishes (including fruit pudding), then known as plum pudding. However, this dish does not contain any actual plums.

11. Frybread

Healthy and delicious, you wouldn’t want to miss frybread. 

Frybread is a breakfast food made from wheat flour and sugar with some salt. It’s fried or deep-fried in oil, shortening, and lard to give it a unique crispy texture. You can eat it by itself or with jam, honey, beef, venison, and powdered sugar.

As history goes, the U.S government began relocating and confining American Indians in the mid-to-late 1800s, which is when they developed fry bread as a means of sustenance.

Fact: November 17 is celebrated as National Homemade Bread Day. 

13. Fritter

The Romans are responsible for introducing fritter-type food to Europe. They called it scriblita and would fry the dough in hot fat.

Fritters are a delicious, healthy, and versatile dish. They can be made from almost any meat, seafood, or vegetable ingredient and come in the form of little balls which have been breaded before being fried deep-fried to golden brown perfection.

Fritter comes in both sweet and savory varieties; you can pick the one you like. 

14. Fruit salad with yogurt

Nothing beats the sweetness and deliciousness of Fruit salad. 

As the name suggests, fruit salad is a mixture of several fruits that you can pick as per your taste. To make it more flavorful and fulfilling, you can add a dash of yogurt to it. 

The tradition of fruit salad is rooted in Western culture, likely introduced during America’s Naval Era. Ancient Egyptians ate mangoes and papayas but the mixing together with sweet sauce is a distinctively American addition to this dish, dating back centuries ago.

15. Full Breakfast

The English breakfast is one of the most famous and historic breakfasts in England. This meal can be traced back to ancient times when Saxons would serve their guests’ hearty portions. 

Popular throughout England and Ireland, a full breakfast begins with orange juice, cereals, and stewed or fresh fruits. Eggs, bacon, and sausages, then follow it. The dish is usually accompanied by tomatoes, mushrooms, and fried onions on toast with a cup of tea.

A popular drink for breakfast is coffee too!

Breakfast Foods That Start With F

Here is a list of breakfast foods that begin with the letter F
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  • French Toast
  • Fried Bread
  • Fried Cheese
  • Fried Chicken
  • Fried Eggs
  • Frittata
  • Flapjacks (Pancakes)
  • Focaccia
  • Fatoot Samneh
  • Frappe
  • Fruit Pudding
  • Frybread
  • Fritter
  • Fruit salad with yogurt
  • Full Breakfast
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