How Do I Keep My Grill From Blowing Out? (Explained)

How Do I Keep My Grill From Blowing Out?

There’s nothing better than grilling in the great outdoors until the weather doesn’t cooperate and the wind starts to pick up.

Even worse is when a sudden storm passes by or weather conditions start to blow out the grill’s fire.

So how do you keep your grill from blowing out?

Angle the grill so the vents and holes are facing away from the wind. Next, ensure that when the grill’s lid is open that the lid is blocking the wind. Avoid lifting the lid or keeping the grill open during gusts of wind.

Now let’s cover some things to keep in mind when grilling on a windy day as well as some tips that can help you successful grill when the wind picks up.

Is It Possible To Grill On A Windy Day?

Grilling on a windy day is possible as long as the grill is securely anchored so that the grill and its components do not blow away. Keep in mind that food may take longer to cook if the grill is cooler from the cold wind.

However, as long as the grill is safely in place and the flame does not blow out then a grill can still be used on a windy day.

Here are some ways to prevent the flame of a grill from blowing out on a windy day.

How To Keep The Grill Lit

Grilling on a windy day presents a few additional challenges that can be overcome with the right tools and techniques.

Below are some of the more common and effective tools and techniques to prevent your grills from blowing out.

1. Position Grill So Lid Blocks Wind

The easiest and most effective step to preventing the wind from blowing out the grill’s flame is to position the grill so that the lid blocks the wind.

When the grill is opened, the lid should block the wind so that the wind does not have a chance to blow out the fire.

Moreover, positioning the grill in this direction will also help keep all the heat in the grill when you open the lid to check on the food.

Just make sure that the backside of the grill does not have large open slots that would allow in too much wind that could blow out the fire.

2. Windscreen

A windscreen is usually a piece of metal that will attach to the sides of your grill when the lid is open.

The windscreens will prevent the wind from blowing out the fire while you flip your meat on the grill as seen in the image below.

Even on regular or non-windy days, windscreens help the food cook faster by containing more heat in the cooking area. So windscreens can be used at all times when you grill.

A custom windscreen can be made for the grill master who likes to DIY. Searching online will provide you with all the necessary materials and instructions on how to create your own windscreen.

Pre-made windscreens are also available from most grill manufacturers and can be purchased on Amazon.

Windscreens also come in portable smaller sizes for camping stoves as seen in the image below:

Source: Amazon

3. Bungee Cords

Bungee cords can be used to tie down the grill so it doesn’t fly away while grilling.

Another use for bungee cords is to hold down taller items that can create a structure that blocks the grill from the wind. For example, bungee cords can be used to hold down umbrellas to block the wind.

Just make sure that the bungee cord or the tied-down item is not touching the hot part of the grill.


4. Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks and rocks can be used to help prevent the grill from moving.

Cinder blocks can also be stacked to create a sturdy barrier that will block the wind. Not to mention the cinder blocks will also prevent the grill’s heat from burning any nearby plants on the other side.

As seen in the photo below, the cinder blocks will prevent the grill from blowing away and will help keep the flame lit.

5. Patio Umbrella

A patio umbrella can be used to help block snow, rain, and even wind from hitting the grill.

Newer umbrellas have adjustable heights and adjustable joints so that the umbrella can be tilted towards the wind to create a shield for the grill.


That raises a question.

Can You Grill Under A Patio Umbrella?

Grills can be used underneath a patio umbrella. However, the heat and the smoke may damage and discolor the umbrella. Place the grill as far away from the umbrella stand as possible and do not use lighter fluid on the fire to prevent large fires and flare-ups.

So make sure to keep the umbrella far enough away from the grill so that the umbrella does not melt or catch on fire.

How To Grill On Windy Days

Here are some tips to keep in mind when using a charcoal or gas grill on a windy day.

Tips For Using A Charcoal Grill On Windy Days

  1. Always keep the exhaust vent open to avoid any buildup of smoke.
  2. Partially close the intake vents so the flame does not blow out.
  3. Block the wind with the grill’s lid when checking on the food.
  4. Do not allow large gusts of wind to blow into the bottom of the charcoal. Ashes will fly into the food.
  5. Do not use charcoal with high winds since charcoal fires can be difficult to contain.

Tips For Using A Gas Grill On Windy Days

  1. Block the wind with the grill’s lid when checking on the food.
  2. Set the burners to higher heat so that the flames do not blow out as easily.
  3. Keep the lid closed as much as possible.
  4. Place food further away from the flames if the outside of the food is cooking too fast.
  5. If the fire blows out, close the grill’s lid and turn on one burner at a time.

Final Thoughts

Windy days can often leave grillers feeling frustrated when the grill’s fire keeps blowing out.

However, there are a few ways to prevent a grill from blowing out on a windy day:

  1. Position grill so lid blocks wind
  2. Use a windscreen
  3. Grill underneath a patio umbrella
  4. Keep lid closed as much as possible

Ultimately, you want to protect the flame from the wind as much as possible.

Using the tricks in this article, you should be able to keep grilling even on windy days!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I protect my outdoor grill from wind?

A: To protect your grill from windy conditions, ensure that it is securely fastened near the deck or porch. You can use a rope and tie it on either side where you plan to place your gas stove in case there’s any chance of an unexpected gust.

Q: How windy is too windy for grilling?

A: The wind is a powerful force, and strong enough winds can make even stationary objects seem like they’re levitating. As trees start to uproot or fall over in response to high winds, this should be enough evidence for you to avoid any grilling. Period!

Q: What is the best grill for windy conditions?

A: When it’s windy, the charcoal will blow out easily. This is why you should avoid using it in high-wind conditions. The best grills can withstand various conditions and can be used in high windy areas. Such models also have durable construction, so they’re perfect for your outdoor kitchen or backyard. These include gas and electric grills.

If you’d still like to go with a charcoal grill, then go with the easily manageable one in size and design. 


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