List of Pellet Grills Made in USA

List of Pellet Grills Made in USA

Many pellet grills brands, much like most appliances, are shifting their factories overseas to save on manufacturing costs. That’s been the case for brands like Traeger, Big Green Egg, Camp Chef, Weber, and Grilla Grills.

Although some of these companies design their products in the USA, they either manufacture their components or the entire grill outside the USA.

Despite the common trend of cutting costs with overseas manufacturing, usually in China, some brands have dug in their heels and retains their manufacturing plants here in the USA.

All the brands on this list design, manufacture, and assemble their pellets grills in the USA. These brands are proud of their “made in the USA” heritage badge and market themselves as such.

Pellet grills that are made in the USA are:

  • MAK Grills
  • Smokin Brothers
  • The Cookshack
  • Twin Eagles
  • Yoder
  • Blaz’n Grill Works

The purpose of this list is to highlight and appreciate these brands that still manufacture their pellet grills in the USA.

We may have our other favorite brands that manufacture their grills overseas, but supporting the brands on this list will help keep Americans employed.

Why Pellet Grills Are Made Overseas

Manufacturing pellet grills in America is more expense than building them overseas.

For example, Grilla Grills mentions on their website that they shifted their manufacturing operations overseas because it became harder to compete with cheaper, imported ones. The 40 year old Michigan-based company moved its manufacturing to China to reduce its production cost to make the grills less expensive.

This was a tough choice between shutting down their company or going overseas to lower their manufacturing costs in order to compete with cheaper, imported pellet grills.

So in order for more pellet grill brands to offer products made in the USA – we need to buy pellet grills that are made in the USA.

Pellet Grills Made In USA

Below is the list of pellet grills that are currently being manufactured in the USA as of July 2021.

Contact me if you notice a pellet grill brand missing from this list that manufactures their grills in the USA and I will add them to this list.

As mentioned above, these manufacturers may start producing their grills overseas if they need to cut costs so make sure to double check that the pellet grill is made in the USA before purchasing it.

1. MAK Grills

MAK Grills is an authentic family-owned American brand from Oregon, USA.  Bob and Kerry Tucker, the founders, started this company out of their own personal interest in BBQ.

Their love for BBQ fueled their desire to create pellet grills that could meet the needs of most pellet owners. They invested time and effort in designing pellet grills that met those needs.

MAK Grills are Certified Made in the USA. You are assured that all of the design, manufacturing, testing and customer support are done by American workers.  All materials and components, from the meat probe to the auger motor are made in the USA. They adhere to strict standards to produce quality products and services.

Being a domestically sourced and assembled pellet grill means that the company provides lots of jobs from production, design, customer support, and distribution. Not only have they employed US veterans but they treat their staff as family.

Mak Grill Products:

Why Buy MAK Grills:

  1. Pellet grills designed and made by diehard bbq owners mean that the company understands your BBQ needs, such as lots of room for grilling, multiple grilling surfaces, and the ability to achieve 500°F+
  2. They are committed to producing reliable grills to enrich your grilling experience. For instance, the temperature control shows consistent performance regardless of the weather.
  3. They use the highest grade material for their grills. Your MAK grill will most likely be made of corrosion-proof 304-grade steel, the highest grade in a pellet grill or smoker.
  4. Long-lasting products – MAK Grills provides a limited lifetime warranty on their grills and their components.
  5. Precision manufacturing has helped this award-winning company win 6 awards since 2011 for outstanding bbq grills.
  6. Attentive and responsive customer support.

Have a look at the “The MAK Grills Family Story” below on YouTube.

2. Smokin Brothers Inc.

Smokin Brothers is a family-owned business that began in 2008 in Southeast Missouri. It arose from a passion for cooking and barbecuing.

When they couldn’t find efficient ways to grill in BBQ competitions, they decided to weld their own grills. Knowing what they and other people want in a wood pellet grills motivated them to design and manufacture pellet grills to meet those needs.

Smokin Brothers Products:

Why You Should Buy Smokin Brothers Pellet Grills:

  1. Portable pellet grills: – the Little Brother is a table-top model for camping and grilling on the go.
  2. Durable heavy-duty grills that include the 12-gauge steel lid to help with smoke retention.
  3. The centered smoke stack promotes even cooking. So your food will cook at the same time, whether you place it on the top or the bottom shelves.
  4. Customizable pellet grills allow you to install side and front shelves to their Premier and Traditional models.
  5. Efficient customer support and informative content such as recipes, smoking tricks, and maintenance tips. 
  6. All moving parts come with a 3-year limited warranty.
  7. Range of commercial and residential models. The Premier PLUS models offer superior efficiency and convenience compared to the traditional models.

If you like a solidly-built traditional grill without the fancy meat probes and Wi-Fi integration then you’ll find the 24-inch Traditional grill or the 30-inch Traditional model quite handy. 

If you prefer more tech and extra features then the 24-inch Premier Plus model with integrated PID controller is perfect for you.

Have a look at the history of Smoking Brothers on YouTube below:

3. Cookshack

Cookshack is a well-respected brand in the grill/smoker manufacturing industry.  Based in Oklahoma, the company has produced lots of competition-grade smokers that many Pitmasters have come to adore.

Cookshack has even collaborated with Fast Eddy, a renowned PitMaster, to design and manufacture pellet grills and smokers for home and commercial use.

One outcome of this collaboration is the popular and best-selling Cookshack PG500 Fast Eddy’s Pellet Grill. Pit Masters and BBQ enthusiasts have used this pellet grill in BBQ competitions for years.  The PG500 combines the features of a grill and a smoker. It can reach 600 degrees and comes with 4-zone cooking area for direct cooking, smoking, indirect cooking, and warming.  The PG500 also has a sear station and a cast iron cooking grate for grilling your burgers or steaks.

Other products:

Why Buy Cookshack Pellet Grills:

  1. They use high-quality stainless steel for the pellet grills.
  2. Their innovative designs enhance the versatility of the grills. For instance, the 4-cooking zones allow you to achieve different results (such as flame broiling, cold smoking, or indirect cooking).
  3. Lots of testimonials on their YouTube channel that attest to the quality and performance of their pellet grills. 
  4. They sell lots of spices, rubs, and cookbooks on their website.
  5. All parts come with a limited 2-year warranty.

4. Twin Eagles

Twin Eagles make all of their pellet grills in California, USA. This brand has carved a niche in the luxury pellet grill and outdoor kitchen equipment industry.  They focus on precise engineering, superior performance, and elegant finishing.

Twin Eagles Products:

Why You Should Buy Twin Eagles Pellet Grills:

  1. Made from superior quality material such as 304-grade stainless steel.
  2. Their pellet grills are built by the best-trained craftsmen in an ultra-modern manufacturing facility.
  3. The grills come with innovative features such as Wi-Fi integration, heavy-duty rotisserie that can turn 100lbs of food, warming racks, a thick vaporizer plate, and zone dividers. The Wood pellet grill model comes with a front-load pellet hopper and removable drip trays for collecting ash.
  4. The pellet grills achieve one of the highest temperatures for grilling or searing than any other American-made pellet grill. You can achieve 1500°F with the charcoal insert.
  5. Elegant yet functional design such as
    • Ambient-light control panel that changes color as the grill get hotter
    • Hexagon-shaped stainless steel grates for heat retention
    • Infrared-lit black glass behind the rotisserie for heat dispersion.
    • Interior lights for nighttime grilling
    • Weather-proof full-color touch screen
  6. Easy to clean components including the removable burner pot.
  7. The front hood is double-walled and made of oven-grade 304 stainless steel to seal in the heat for efficient cooking.

Watch this YouTube video for a glimpse of the superior features of Twin Eagles pellet grill:

5. Yoder Smokers

Yoder Smokers is a Kansas-based brand that manufactures some of the most innovative, heavy-duty pellet grills in the USA.  They use 14 or 10-gauge steel, which make their pellet grills very durable and heavy too.

Yoder Smokers’ lightest pellet grill (the YS480s model) weighs 277 pounds, while the heaviest competition-grade model weighs over 3,100 pounds!

Yoder Smoker claims to have industry-leading warranty of the YS450s model at 10 years for the cooking chamber, 3 years warranty on the ACS (adaptive control system), and 3 years warranty on the ceramic igniter. 

The YS480s model comes with standard features such as stay-cool handles, integrated food probes, Wi-Fi connectivity, two-tier shelves, and a heat diffuser. You can add options such as three-tiered smoking rack, door thermometer, and stainless steel grates or grease shield.

If their competition-grade grills are not your level, you can choose the many customizable BBQ pits such as the Cimarron, Santa Fe, Chrisholm, Backyard, and the Trailboss.

Why You Should Buy Yoder Smokers Pellet Grills:

  1. Product quality: Yoder does not skimp on the manufacturing material. For instance, the cooking chamber is made of 10-gauge or 14-gauge steel for maximum heat retention and durability.
  2. Performance: Yoder Smoker grills perform well in BBQ competitions. The quality workmanship shows in how the grills keep an even temperature and smoke in the most grueling conditions.
  3. Versatility: Yoder grills can be used as a conventional oven or for flame grilling.
  4. Innovation: Yoder Smokers developed their digital controller. Unlike basic temperature controllers, their proprietary model has a self-coded micro-controller chip for accuracy and flexibility.
  5. Efficiency and usability: The YS640s comes with a movable metal plate called a Displacement damper. This helps you change the position of the plate to suit your cooking needs, like grilling, direct heating/cooking, or indirect cooking.
  6. Industry Leading Warranty: 10 years for the cooking chamber, 3 years warranty on the ACS (adaptive control system), and 3 years warranty on the ceramic igniter. 

Watch this video tour of the Yoder Smokers manufacturing plant by T-Roy Cooks:

6. Blaz’n Grill Works

Blaz’n Grill Works is an American brand based in Beatrice, Nebraska. The founders got into this industry out of their love for BBQ. They began as grilling enthusiasts in BBQ competitions and couldn’t find pellet grills that matched their BBQ needs.

In 2011, they started designing and fabricating pellet grills from their factory. Since then, their grills have won multiple awards in BBQ competitions in the USA.

Why You Should Buy from Blaz’n Grill Works

  1. The owner previously worked at a metal fabrication company which means all of their grills are manufactured with high quality standards.
  2. All of the grills and accessories are made with high quality materials. Even the grease tray and grill grate are made with 12-gauge steel.
  3. The grills are designed with the needs of competitive BBQ in mind. The rounded rod auger gives better performance and reduced wear and tear on the motor compared to the square-shaped rod augers in other pellet grills.
  4. Blaz’n Grill Works also manufactures customized pellet grills for specific cooking or competition BBQ.
  5. Lots of heavy-duty pellet grillers and smokers to choose from. The most popular is the Grand Slam that has a 468 square inch cooking surface and 16-gauge steel body.
  6. You can find budget-friendly pellet grills so you don’t have to resort to imported pellet grills by buying “scratch and dent” grills that were damaged during shipping.
  7. Easy to use and clean components, such as the removable burn pot.

Have a look the 2021 models by Blaz’n Grill Works in this YouTube video:

7. Pitts & Spitts

Based in Texas, Pitts and Spitts have become renown for product quality and efficiency. Pitts and Spitts weld their steel in their own plant to produce high quality Texas style BBQ pits.

Their designs may be traditional but the pellet grills still deliver on performance.


Their Marverick 850 wood pellet grill is made of 7-gauge and 10-gauge carbon steel and 304-grade stainless steel work shelves and lids. Its features include a PID controller, integrated meat probe, Wi-Fi capabilities, grease drain, rubber-covered handles, and tool hooks.

Why You Should Buy from Pitts & Spitts

  1. Pitts & Spitts has been in the industry for 35 years.
  2. It has supported Texas BBQ for many years.
  3. Their grills come with features such as Wi-Fi integration and removable grease trays.
  4. Accessories such as cutting board, smoker cover, charcoal pan, thermometer.
  5. Their grills have rubber handles for easy grip and to cool handling.

Final Thoughts

This list is great for anyone looking for pellet grills that are made in the USA. Buying from any of these brands means that you are not only supporting the American economy but you’re also purchasing a grill that is made of high quality materials and has local USA customer support.

These pellet grills may be more expensive than imported ones. But, your money goes a long way in supporting the workers and stakeholders in manufacturing and distribution.

In case I’ve missed any American brand of pellet grills, let me know and we can add them to the list.

Reasons to Buy Pellet Grills Made in USA

  1. You’ll have the assurance that the pellet grills meet our very high American standards for outdoor cooking. The brands in my list use the finest materials that are available in the US, such as quality grade 304 stainless steel.
  2. Your money creates and sustains jobs in the steel and metal processing industry. It means you support the workers and families that depend on them.
  3. Your money boosts the economy. The brands become more motivated to buy their steel and components locally. This money trickles to the distributors, retailers, dealers, and their employees.
  4. To support brands that are committed to retaining their factories on American soil.
  5. You know that the brands comply with national regulations on worker compensation and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are pit boss pellet grills made in the USA?

A: Pit Boss grills are manufactured in China and imported into the USA.

Although Pit Boss does not explicitly list the country of origin for their grills on their website, the physical boxes and Amazon lists the country of origin as China.

Q: Are Traeger pellet grills made in China?

A: Traeger grills are manufactured in China and imported into the USA.

Although Traeger does not explicitly list the country of origin for their grills on their website, the physical boxes and Amazon lists the country of origin as China. This article states that Traeger manufactured their grills in Oregon until 2010 when they started outsourcing their manufacturing to China.

Q: Is Camp Chef made in the USA?

A: Camp Chef grills are manufactured in China and imported into the USA.

Although Camp Chef does not explicitly list the country of origin for their grills on their website, the physical boxes and Amazon lists the country of origin as China.


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