Top 5 Trout Fishing Lakes near Portland Oregon

Trout Fishing Lakes near Portland

Portland, Oregon is a great place to be when fishing for wild fish such as salmon, steelhead, and sturgeon. The Columbia, Sandy, and Willamette rivers are some of the best rivers in the state and country for these larger fish.

On the other hand, fishing for trout can be trickier since the local rivers are not great for trout fishing. In fact, it’s usually better to go to a lake that is stocked with trout since these fish thrive year round in the cooler Portland weather. This means there are some big trout lurking at these lakes.

Here are the top 5 lakes for trout fishing near Portland, Oregon:

  1. Henry Hagg Lake
  2. Blue Lake
  3. Faraday Lake
  4. North Fork Reservoir
  5. Trillium Lake

I kept this list to just Oregon lakes since you would need a Washington state fishing license if you go north of Portland to a Washington lake.

Here are some tips and quick things to know about each of these 5 lakes when trout fishing.

1. Henry Hagg Lake

This 1,153 acre lake tops the list as the best trout fishing lake near Portland, Oregon simply because of its size and the amount of fish in this lake. You can almost always count on catching trout at this lake since it is one of the most heavily stocked lakes in Oregon.

Hagg Lake is about 30 miles west of Portland and is a family friendly lake that is wildly popular on sunny days. You will frequently see families barbecuing, boats, paddle boarders, tubers, and more taking to the water during the heat of the day. This lake features multiple parks, boat ramps, and plenty of fishing spots.

Henry Hagg Lake Scoggins Valley Park Oregon

Rainbow trout are known to hang out by the dam or by any of the creeks leading in or out of Hagg Lake. Personally, I have always found rainbow trout anywhere from spots 11 to 16 on the map. I have only fished from the bank and have had a lot of success using both bait and lures.

You really cannot go wrong fishing at this lake. You can fish for trout using bait or a lure and you may potentially end up catching a bass. That’s what makes fishing at this lake so great. Not to mention there are lots of folks trolling in boats and kayaks which makes this lake open to every fishing style.

Hagg Lake also holds the Oregon State records for largest Smallmouth Bass and Bullhead Catfish. The variety of fish that you can catch at this lake make this the best fishing lake near Portland, Oregon.

There is a toll booth to enter and the park does close at sunset. However, this lake is so large that they tend to be very lenient with the close time. Although you will not be able to enter the park once the sun sets.

2. Blue Lake

Blue Lake is only 61 acres making it the second smallest on this list. Blue Lake is 15 miles east of Portland near the Columbia River and is high up on this list due to its convenience.

If you’re traveling to Multnomah Falls then you will pass by this lake so you might as well stop by on your way back and catch some trout!

This lake is great when they start stocking trout since it’s so small that you will end up catching those stockers easily. Given the small size of the lake, there are not very many trout that live here year round. Especially when you consider the amount of angling pressure for a small body of water and the hot summer temperatures.

Blue Lake Map Fairview Oregon

The best spot for trout fishing at Blue Lake is between the Boat Rentals area and Swim Beach on the map. There is a boat launch ramp, not shown on this map, which is near a natural point that the trout love to swim by. Simply using a spoon or Powerbait and you will catch some trout if there’s any left in this lake.

Similar to Hagg Lake, there is a toll booth to enter and this lake also closes at sundown. Also similar to Hagg Lake, there is a playground, grassy areas, barbecue grills, picnic tables, and a disc golf course. Thankfully boats are only allowed at certain times of the year since the lake is so small.

Faraday Lake

Faraday Lake is only 25 acres making it the smallest lake on this list. Faraday Lake is about 30 miles southeast of Portland and is close to other great fishing lakes such as North Fork Reservoir.

The best part of Faraday Lake and North Fork Reservoir is that there are a lot less people fishing this lake than Hagg or Blue Lake. There are still anglers here but it feels like I always get bites at Faraday Lake no matter what.

Faraday Lake Oregon

This lake is similar to Blue Lake where you do not need to move in order to catch trout given the small lake size. Simply find any spot along the bank and cast out using a lure or bait. This lake is full of stocked trout so they will bite anything.

This lake is connected to the Clackamas River so you might catch some wild fish. Keep in mind that stocked trout have their adipose fin clipped (the second fin on the top). You can keep any stocked fish but will likely need to release most if not all wild fish that still have their adipose fin.

Adipose Fin between wild and hatchery fish

In the example on the left, you can spot the difference between a wild and hatchery fish. Make sure to check on the Oregon Department of Wildlife’s website before keeping a wild fish.

There is no fee to enter or park as Portland General Electric (PGE) owns the land to this park. You will see one of PGE’s hydropower plants as you’re driving across the bridge to the park.

Make sure to check PGE’s Faraday Lake website before visiting as they do periodic maintenance and construction on the power plant. While doing construction, PGE closes entry to the public. Although you can quickly hop 5 minutes to our next fishing spot… North Fork Reservoir.

North Fork Reservoir

North Fork Reservoir is a 324 acre lake that is connected to the Clackamas River. North Fork Reservoir is 32 miles southeast of Portland making this slightly further down the road from Faraday Lake.

North Fork Reservoir is open to watercraft so expect to see fishing boats and kayaks at this lake. Thankfully, there are not as many water sports type boats here so this lake is catered more towards anglers versus families.

North Fork Reservoir Map

The best and most accessible fishing spots at North Fork Reservoir are at the Boat Launch and Culvert Swimming Area. Both of these areas have dedicated parking lots that close at sunset but you can park right outside the gate to fish after dark.

Similar to Faraday Lake, the North Fork Reservoir is frequently stocked with trout. The trout are stocked at the Boat Launch making that area a hot spot for stocked trout. Simply use Powerbait or lures to get those hungry stocked trout to bite.

Personally I prefer fishing at the Culvert Swimming Area. You need to pass through a tunnel underneath the freeway but on the other side is a whole bank open for great trout fishing. This area has a lot of vegetation in the water so use a egg sinker with a long leader when fishing with Powerbait.

There is no fee to park at North Fork Reservoir making this a great place to come fish for a few hours after work or on the weekend.

Trillium Lake

Trillium Lake is a 65 acre lake up in the Mount Hood mountain range. Trillium Lake is 60 miles east of Portland and offers a picturesque drive through the Mount Hood National Forest.

Trillium Lake is a beautiful lake that is popular among anglers, tourists, and day trippers. You get an incredible view of Mount Hood from the lake so expect this place to be busy as always.

Trillium Lake view of Mount Hood

The trickiest part to Trillium Lake is finding a good fishing spot from shore. If you have a boat or kayak then it is highly recommended you fish using that since the shoreline can get crowded with visitors.

Trillum Lake Map

Trillium Lake is another lake that gets stocked with trout making this a great fishing lake. The campground is off limits to day visitors for parking so you will likely park near the Picnic Area.

If you are fishing from shore then you either need to find a spot on the fishing pier or hike around the lake until you find a spot. Just use a fishing lure or bait and you will end up catching some trout at this lake.

This lake get its water from Mount Hood’s runoff so the water might be murky. If the water is murky be sure to use smelly bait or add garlic or anise fish scent to help the trout find your bait.


Portland, Oregon is a great place for fishing with a lot of great options. Whether you’re hunting for big wild fish such as salmon or enjoying a day out on the lake catching trout. There is a spot on the lake or river for everyone. You just need to make sure you know what you are fishing for and where to find those fish.

Frequently Asked Questions about Trout Fishing near Portland Oregon

Q: Where can I go fishing near Portland?

A: There are great fishing areas near Portland. The top 5 trout lakes near Portland are Hagg Lake, Blue Lake, Faraday Lake, North Fork Reservoir, and Trillium Lake.































Similar to Faraday Lake, the North Fork Reservoir is frequently stocked with trout. The trout are stocked at the Boat Launch making that area a hot spot for stocked trout. Simply use Powerbait or lures to get those hungry stocked trout to bite.



There is no fee to park at North Fork Reservoir making this a great place to come fish for a few hours after work or on the weekend.


























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