About Us

Hi there, my name is Steven and I’m a father of 2 incredible children (1 human and 1 fur-baby). I’m originally from San Diego and have moved over to Oregon where I’ve been blown away by what nature can provide.

Growing up I was used to eating fast food since I didn’t have access to as many natural foods (especially being a 90’s baby with microwavable burritos and TV dinners).

Now being able to catch and grow my own food in Oregon, I can’t believe how easy and better tasting this food is.

Not to mention all the health benefits!

My goal is to figure out how to eat food that nature provides more often. I want my family to eat the best possible food without breaking the bank or giving into convenience fast food as often.

So this leads me here where I’ll be documenting how to catch meat, grow veggies, and cook these ingredients into awesome meals.

I want others like you to join me on my natural foodie journey so that we can all learn how to eat from nature more often. Not to mention having plants around the home really livens up the place.

I hope that you find these articles helpful for you to start your own natural foodie journey. Let’s eat dank natural food together!